Kyle Parker: 2011 Alumnus

With the latest installment of "Where Are They Now" we caught up with Kyle Parker. Kyle played in the inaugural 2011 All-American Game and is currently heading into his Senior year at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. In his Junior year Kyle was a MAC Hermann Trophy semifinalist and Conference USA's Co-Offensive MVP while helping lead the 49ers to the NCAA Tournament. 

Q: What was the best part of the High School All-American game?

A: It was a great experience to get to play with a lot of great players all in one game, and also getting to see UNCC in the College Cup that year. (The All-Americans have the opportunity to attend the NCAA College Cup each year)

Q: What is the biggest difference between High School and College Soccer?

A: The biggest difference is the speed of play and the size and athleticism of the players.

Q: What is one piece of advice that you wish you would have received before you left High School?

A: To learn to use the resources and people around you. You don't have to try to do everything on your own.

Q: What was the best thing that you did from a training stand point as a youth player that helped you develop?

A: "Creative player" with John Pietak set the groundwork for me with technical ballwork.

Q: What would you have done differently as a youth/younger player?

A: Played more. Just play as much as you can.

Q: What do you do to improve during the offseason?

A: I stay in great shape, and get out on the field and work on my weaknesses.

Q: What is your personally most memorable soccer moment?

A: My best memories are of playing high school soccer with my brother for two years. 

Q: What do you most enjoy doing outside of soccer?

A: I enjoy just hanging out with friends and teammates.

Q: What are your goals for your upcoming fall season?

A: Our goal as a team is to win the National Championship.

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