• Player must be in good academic standing with school.
  • Player must play in a minimum of 50% of games senior year and at least 2 full years of High School Soccer.  Some exceptions (at the discretion of the director) may be made to this due to injury, national team call ups, etc.  A player who does NOT play as a senior may be considered provided they have played 3 previous season of High School soccer.  This will be evaluated on an individual basis.  
  • No 5th year players allowed.
  • Players selected from Fall playing states only.
  • TopDrawer Soccer player rankings and database may be utilized to gauge the ability of the player and for player research,
  • NSCAA All-Americans as juniors and Gatorade state POY are also used as guides.
  • Our criteria includes being a star player and leader on your team (that will likely receive scholarship offers from colleges), as well as a quality student and quality person. Just being a good person doesn't get it done unfortunately, but if your player is an all-state level player who is a large part of the reason for your teams success and is an All-American type kid we want to know about them.

Selection Process

Initial Watch List - Players are initially added to the watch list based on performance from previous years.  Players are added to the watch list based on looking at all-state lists from each state from the previous year.  Players may also be added to the list based on a coaches recommendation.  Once a player is recommended, a member of the advisory committee will be contacted to verify the level of the player being nominated.

Final Watch List - Once a player has been placed on the watch list, the Director will then begin the process of tracking down the school he/she plays for and asking that they assist in helping the player fill out a player profile.  Once the profile is returned to the director, the player is then finalized to be on the watch list and may be considered for the game.  If a player doesn't turn in the player profile, they are removed from the watch list.  Coaches are encouraged to send updates to the director throughout the year keeping us updated on their players season.

Player Selection - Near the middle of October, the advisory committee will be sent a list of players being considered and ask for their input on the players they have seen throughout the year.  They will also ask coaches about players in their area.  The final selections are made by the Director for the game.  Every attempt will be made to have 2 Goalkeepers, 6 Defenders, 6 Midfielders, and 6 Forwards on each team.  

Final Selection - Towards the end of October, players will be contacted about their status of the selection. The selection process is very difficult, and we realize that some very very good players will not be selected.  20 players are selected for each team.  We know being turned down for the game is a disappointment, but please be respectful of the decision making process.  If we had the funds, we would invite them all, but we simply can't.  

Dividing Lines

There is no specific line that determines the East and West breakdown. We take the players for each position and divide them based on relative geographic location. Because there are sometimes more players at one position on one team than others, they are usually exceptions to the rule. Most likely, at least 90 percent of the players will fall in their appropriate region, but we also want to have the best players in the nation represented in the Game.  In an ideal world, the teams would be divided accordingly.

Boys Advisory Committee

Director:  Eric Stratman (Quincy High - Quincy, IL.)

Asst. Director : Matt Longo (Quincy Sr. High - Quincy, IL.)

High School Coach: Lee Horton (Charlotte Latin - Charlotte, NC.)

High School Coach: Steve Lawrence (Marquette Jesuit - Milwaukee, WI.)

High School Coach: Chris Lawson (Rockhurst Jesuit - Kansas City, MO.)

High School Coach: Mike McLaughlin (St. Ignatius - Cleveland, OH.)

High School Coach: Terry Michler (CBC - St. Louis, MO.)

High School Coach: Bill Vieth (Reitz Memorial - Evansville, IN.)

High School Coach: Brandon Ramsey (Pennsylvania Coaches Association)

Media Rep:  - Sheldon Shealor (Top Drawer Soccer)

Girls Advisory Committee

Director: Eric Stratman (Quincy Sr. High - Quincy, IL.)

Asst. Director : Matt Longo (Quincy Sr. High - Quincy, IL.)

High School Coach: Jack Nogueira (St. Joseph High - Trumbell, CT.)

High School Coach:  Jon Felton (Strongsville High - Strongsville, OH.)

High School Coach:  Paul Heenehan (Ramapo High - Franklin Lakes, NJ.)

High School Coach:  Amber Ashcraft (LaCueva High - Albuquerque, NM.)

High School Coach:  Debra LaPrath (Maria Carillo - Santa Rosa, CA.)

High School Coach:  Tara Madigan (Northern Highlands - Allendale, NJ.)

High School Coach:  Ramon Aguillon (Zionsville High - Zionsville, IN.)

Media Rep: - Sheldon Shealor (Topdrawer Soccer)