Read below what fans and All-Americans had to say about our event.

I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into this event. My husband Glenn sent you an email and we both left Birmingham saying, “WOW.” The amount of planning and preparation from before the kids arrived, is unfathomable. I appreciate the over communication, the level of detail in the planning, the inclusiveness that was extended to parents, and on and on and on. You made the kids feel welcome but also the parents. The dinner on Saturday night was wonderful and loved the idea to include parents. This will be one of those experiences Connor will never forget. Thank you to you and your staff for hosting!
— Rossana White
I wanted to thank you for letting me be part of this unbelievable event. It was truly an honor for me. To be around these great players and coaches was extremely special and a memory I will always carry with me. High School soccer is in a difficult time with the Academy, but through your hard work and dedication you help keep high school soccer special and offer opportunities like this to showcase the game of high school soccer. I know there is no event related to soccer for kids this age that can compare to the High School All American game. The quality of players at this event was incredible and it showed in both the training and the game itself. Its been hard to concentrate since being back at work just thinking back on the fun we had and the players and coaches I met. I seriously can’t thank you enough. And for you to provide the coaches with gear, food, hotel rooms was awesome. Nothing will beat that signed jersey though!!!
— Coach Steve Lawrence - Marquette Jesuit
I want to thank you and all of the coaches for your time and effort in coordinating the All-American game. Michael was excited to be part of this event. He enjoyed meeting several new boys and he was honored to play with such a talented group. I can not think of a more perfect way for him to end his high school soccer career. This was an experience he will never forget. Keep up the great work and rest assured that your efforts are appreciated!
— Frank Panarisi
I wanted to let you know I sent an email thanking Jason, Grant, Durward, Jack and Chris for their involvement in the event. Additionally, I just wanted to say thank you for hosting the Boys Soccer All-American Game. Thank you for investing in the lives of the young men who participated in the game. The event was first-class; you have an incredible gift for catalyzing fantastic experiences for young men. Thanks again for your involvement and investment in High School Soccer!
— Coach Scott Reitnour - Wesleyan Christian
The All-American Game cannot be described with words, footage, and social media posts. Practicing with the best players in the country and playing a game with them, not just any game, one of the most beautiful games, can only be described with the feeling inside of you. It is a very humbling experience to be considered among the country’s best and to be given such an opportunity. I had so much fun practicing and playing during the short weekend. I honestly felt like a kid again. I made lasting friendships, some of these guys I will play against in the following months in the club season and others when I’m in college. The organization is great and the coaching staff are very friendly and know the game. Many years from now I will look back to that weekend, and remember all the players, the game under the lights, and that feeling within!
— Brandon Medina
I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in the High School Soccer All-American Game this past weekend. I really did not know what to expect when I agreed to accept your invitation. I thought it would be a good event because I had an idea of other events you have promoted. However, let me say that this event was better than I could have ever imagined. Your organization is second to none, and your ability to attract such terrific coaches and players is truly amazing. I was pleased to meet several fine coaches I hadn’t known before, and was very pleased to reassociate with coaches that I already knew such as Mike Gauvain, and of course Matt Longo and Mike McLaughlin who played here at Quincy for me. And to top that off I got to visit with Schellas Hyndman, a colleague I watched rise from a good college player, to a terrific college coach/NSCAA administrator, and then on to world renowned professional coach. I tell you, I really get a kick out of watching MLS games featuring FC Dallas and catching glimpses of Schellas on the sidelines directing his team. It was good to chat with him and find out that even though he has soared so high with all his accomplishments that he is still the same genuine guy he always was!
— Coach Jack Mackenzie - Quincy University
Just wanted to thank you, and all you efforts to pull this off. Dakota has not stopped talking about how great of a time he had. And how awesome you treated him. This will be something he will remember for the rest of his life. Definitely worth the 2 game suspension!
— Debi Edwards
I wanted to thank you for your fantastic communication with us(Parents) and the boys! I also appreciate you answering all my questions in such quick manner. All I can say about the weekend was-AMAZING! Every detail down to the socks was fantastic. Brandt had a great time and so did my family. My Parents traveled down from Pennsylvania to see the game. We all were amazed at the talent and maturity of all the boys. The game was very exciting and great to watch! This was a once in a lifetime experience and I hope each player stopped to takein some memories over the weekend! The uniforms we also really fantastic. I think some of the boys have made some definite friends from this weekend !!
— Alison Bronico
I would also like to thank you for an incredible experience for Dewey, his mom and I at the All American game. The entire program was top notch. The environment that you were able to create to bring these young men together was awesome! The guys bonded so quickly that it turned what I expected to be a boring one on one “me game” into some beautiful soccer. What a joy to watch.Special kids, special organization, special coaching…… special weekend.Thanks again Eric for all you did and giving us the opportunity to be a part of it!
— Dan Lewis
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be involved with this year’s Sr. High School All-American game in Birmingham, Al. I was very excited to have been involved with my friend and mentor Coach Jack Mackenzie. The thing that really surprised me was that he still continues to defeat me in soccer games, !!! What really surprised me was the quality of the young men who were competing in the game.You do a great job of making this event happen and you have a fan for life!
— Schellas Hyndman
First off want to thank you and your whole committee for putting on an exceptional weekend for everyone involved and especially the boys. It was definitely a first class event and I met a lot of people by just being around. Eric Lynch is the player that I was honored with coaching the last 4 years and for a kid that does not show his emotion much if at all after the game I think that’s the most I have seen him smile in the whole 4 years.!
— Coach Kevin Terrell - Bellbrook Soccer
I just wanted to relay to you that Sam Bascom (Madeira High School; Cincinnati, OH) received the Gatorade Player of the Year award for boys soccer in Ohio, and it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t extended the opportunity for him to play in your All-American game. Sam is only the 2nd Cincinnati player and the 2nd player from outside the big school division to win the award (given out since 1986). I know his participation and MVP recognition at your game was a difference maker for him. Btw, Gatorade refers to your game as “the High School All-American Game” in their official write-up about Sam, so I think recognition is growing. Anyways, Sam had a blast both on and off the field with the game, and we really appreciate everything you’ve done to create this!
— John Unger - Madeira High Coach
The 2012 High School All- American game was a great experience due to the quality of coaches and players that were at the event. The opportunity to play at UAB under the lights is a once in a lifetime experience that I was glad to be apart of. Due to the quality of players the game was physical and fast paced, creating a great environment for creative soccer. The games atmosphere brought out the best skills of each player as seen with the amount of goals that were scored. Overall I am very pleased to have participated in this game as many of my other teammates did as well.
— Michael Galullo
Thank you again for inviting me to play in the All American game. It was such an amazing experience an honor. It was a great way to end my high school career. Being able to play with all of those amazing girls was great and I will remember it forever!
— Megan Niebuhr - St. Ursula (2013)